Fitness Goal

Being educated while exercising is essential in minimizing effectiveness and reducing risk of injury. .


Regular exercise and physical activity promote strong muscle and bones..


Improve respiratory , cardiovascular, body muscles and reduces your health risk.
Who We Are ?


We wish to make everyone fit and help them to give a Healthy lifestyle.
We provide on home health and fitness services at any time. HomePeFit will provide personal trainer with equipments. We help you to enable exercise at your suitable time. We also provide yoga and Zumba aerobic teachers as well as physiotherapy services at your home. We focus on both physical and mental development.


Some FAQ’s


  • Will you provide home training service?
    YES.. Our trainer will visit your home at a scheduled time with Equipments to give you training.
  • What excercise you will teach during training ?
    We have Yoga, Zumba, Strength & Hyper trophy workout, Circuit Training, Resistance Workout, Weight Loss, Muscles Building
  • At what time you will visit my home for training?
    We will schedule the time first before visiting. We have other customer who will be waiting , so time limit is very important.
  • I have body pain, how will i do excersice ?
    We have expert Physiotherapist, who will consult you for your injuries and provide you best recovery plan and exercise.
  • When i have to pay for service?
    We take purely advance payment for any of our fitness services. We accept Cash, Cheque, Online transfer.